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I (Wish I) Stole it From the Farmer’s Market

I wanted a sign to hang above the refrigerator. I wanted it to say “Groceries”. I wanted it to be huge. And I did not want to pay $45 for […]

Thanksgiving Table Decor, on a Budget

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Although we’ve had plenty a party at our house, this will be our first indoor sit-down dinner. Our normal table seats 4. We’re hosting 8. […]

The Great Switcheroo

I detailed last year’s switch from summer to fall decorations in this post. This year’s switch was much more fun. Summer: Fall: The summer decor was all about fresh and […]

From Jack O’Lantern to Classy Lantern

It looks like a pumpkin, but it’s actually a vintage lamp, complete with bright orange paint and filled with 50 years worth of dirt and dust. We found it at […]

Homemade Pots

I have a thing for plants. Herbs, really. The kind that you make aioli with, or use to scent pasta sauce. (Not the kind that you use for other, less […]

Style: Diagnosed

This is the third, and final, post in a series of posts about decorating my father-in-law’s home in Portland. Catch up with “The Tale of 37 Frames“, and “The Tale […]

The Tale of 37 Frames, Part II

Just joining? Part I of the Tale can be found here. Okay. Let’s pick up at the cliffhanger where we left off. (Who knew that interior decorating could be a […]

The Tale of 37 Frames

First, the prologue: My father-in-law, Jay, recently moved from Texas to Portland for work. He moved into a gorgeous brand new home, unpacked the majority of his boxes, set things […]

Guest Room Re-do

I suppose this isn’t quite so much of a guest room “re-do” as it is a guest room “actual-do”. But, nonetheless, here I am with the grand reveal for you. […]

Table Love

See this little beauty right here? Meet the newest addition to our happy little family. I found rescued her from a garage sale. She was mine for a mere $5. […]

A Liar No More

Remember this? I’m back with the dirty details. I’m back to clear my conscience. I’m back to make an honest woman of myself. (Honest women drink beer, didn’t you know?!) […]

The Whole Shebang

And now for the final reveal of our previously empty back hallway that is now our home’s mecca of organization! (See part 1, parts 2 & 3, and part 4.) […]

Organization, Part Quatre

The final, shining addition to our new hallyway organization system? (Check out Parts 1 and 2&3 here!) Hook, hooks, and more hooks! I love hooks. (Please don’t misread that as […]

Organization, Parts Deux and Trois

Yesterday I showed you our “new” calendar that became part one of our repurposed daily system, as inspired by the lovely, but oh-so-out-of-our-price-range Pottery Barn system. Today, it’s parts two […]

Organization is the Key

Ever since I knew we were moving in to this house (so, for only about 4 months or so) I have coveted Pottery Barn’s daily system. Here it is, in […]

So Shine Where You Are

One of the things I love about our new house is the light. There is so much of it, and it seems like it is always bathed in soft, warming […]

Youth Room Redesign

Every now and then, us folks here at Blackboard Kitchen take a break from cooking and meal planning and grocery shopping and do other things that we love (but we […]

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