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    1. Cheryl Lisi says:

      Love your blog…. who would ever think, my niece would turn into a great cook? Where is the cheese cake recipe???

      • admin says:

        Thank you, Aunt Cheryl! I’ll be sure to post your cheesecake recipe as a special treat one of these weeks.

    2. Ericka Olin says:

      Hi Kelli! I love your site–you have such great recipes that all look DELICIOUS! And how wonderful that you are able to make this work with such a modest budget–you’re my kind of girl! 😉

      I’ve been looking at your site the last few weeks, and I think it would be fun to follow along, but I do have a question about the structure of the menu… I see that the menu and grocery list for the week only has items for dinner, so I am wondering what you do about breakfast and lunch? Do you have leftovers ever day for lunch, or are breakfast and lunch foods (and cost) to the list that you provide every week?

      I was just curious about how this works, because I’d love to follow along, but I want to make sure I’m doing it right! Thanks for the great ideas, Kelli–you’re very fun to follow! 🙂

      • admin says:

        Such a great question, Ericka (and no worries about the name spelling!). Thank you for asking. Yes, we do eat leftovers for lunch pretty much every day. Every recipe on Blackboard Kitchen feeds four, and Jason usually eats a portion and a half, so we take the remaining portion and a half and divide it up for lunch the next day. It’s a smaller portion, but just right for lunch! As for breakfast, we usually eat cereal, or Greek yogurt with berries/oatmeal/granola/honey, depending on the day. (I’m going to post a recipe for that soon!)

        The grocery list that I post every week includes only the items that you need to make the five dinners for the week. I usually spend less than I quote on the website for ALL of our groceries (including our breakfasts, lunches, and snacks). I typically spend $100/month at Costco to stock up on necessities for the month (things like parmesan cheese, chicken, bacon, pasta, etc.) and then around $50/week at the grocery store, which puts our monthly food bill around $300.

        Thank you for following and let me know if you have any other questions!

        • Ericka Olin says:

          Hey thanks for your response Kellie! This makes a lot of sense, so thank you for answering! That Cosco idea is a great one! I don’t think we have those in Minnesota (at least not in Duluth…), but we have Sam’s Club, which I believe is very similar. 🙂

          Thanks again for answering my question, Kellie, and also for sharing your culinary talents! 🙂

    3. Ericka Olin says:

      Hi Kellie it’s me again, Ericka! I just wanted to post again, because I realized at the end of that last post that I spelled your name wrong at the very beginning of the post, and it wouldn’t let me go back and erase it. I didn’t want to write the whole message again, so I just thought I’d post it and then write you again to tell you I really do know how to spell your name and I’m sorry I messed that up!

      Oh, and just to send you some extra love, Kellie–that never hurts, right?!? 😉

    4. Laura says:

      Just stumbled upon your site, great idea! I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the recipies and the fact that it’s easy on the pocket book is wonderful! Thanks!

    5. cheryl lisi says:

      I’m honored ME and my cheesecake got mentioned. Your tweeks sound fabulous and I’m definately going to give them a try…. OR should I just come to your house and test them???? LOL Love ya, Aunt Cheryl

      • admin says:

        Haha! I’m glad you liked the sounds of them. 🙂 Of course, none of it would have worked out, had I not had the recipe for your famous cheesecake to begin with! Come on over and test them out anytime!

    6. Jen DesBois says:

      Kellie, We met once at Sarah and Mark’s house when they were still here in Denver. I am so amazed at blackboard kitchen! I can’t beleive you have time to do all of this, but I love that you do! Scott and I have been trying a week of blackboard kitchen (week 10) and we are just loving it! Keep it up!

    7. Kathryn Duffy says:

      Hi Kellie,

      Thanks to Jason for sharing the name of your blog!

      You were looking for winter vegetable recipes… I tried this very simple salad at a restaurant somewhere and vowed to recreate it at home.

      Jicama / Green Apple Salad

      1 jicama, peeled and shredded
      1-2 Granny Smith apples, cored and shredded
      Vinaigrette made out of hazelnut oil and rice vinegar
      Salt and pepper

      That was my first try and closely replicated the restaurant dish – I have used many combinations of flavored oils and vinegars since then and occasionally throw in other shredded veggies (carrots and/or red peppers) for color.

      Good luck with your renovations and move!


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