I buy different things at different grocery stores; part of coming in on budget each month is knowing where to buy certain items! Here is an idea of what I buy, and where:

Local (such as Sunflower Market or Sprouts): I do the bulk of my shopping here. Prices are always better, quality of produce is better, and selection is smaller (which I like).

Organic (such as Whole Foods or Central Market): I buy all spices from the bulk section here. Other than spices, purchases here are limited, as prices are higher.

Wholesale (such as Costco or Sam’s Club): I make one trip a month and buy items in bulk. Other than paper products and toiletries, I always buy chicken, bacon, pasta, parmesan cheese, block cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, and basalmic vinegar here.

Nationwide (such as King Soopers or Safeway): I try to avoid these, unless there is an awesome sale that I can’t get anywhere else.