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Moonlit Voyage

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Yesterday evening marked the end of Homecoming week for my school district. As a district sponsor, I work with seven other sponsors to plan, implement, and chaperone all of our district events. It was a non-stop week, filled with meetings, craft sessions, last-minute planning, and, finally, pulling off all the events. My fellow sponsor and good friend Marci is in charge of Homecoming. She always does such an amazing job; this year was no exception! The dance was last in a long line of Homecoming events: pep rally, parade, carnival, and game, and then the dance, which was themed “Moonlit Voyage”. Marci and I worked together to plan the decorating and each of the spaces. We were both so pleased with how it all turned out!

First, the “loading dock”, which students walked up to purchase their ticket and enter the dance.

From the dock, it was into the gym. The gym floor was the ocean, and the bleacher/stage area was the ship. It was the Titanic, but without all the drowning and tragedy.

From the gym, students could exit to the cafeteria, which we set-up as the ship’s ballroom. Our goal was gaudy and over-the-top, Titanic-style. I love those chandeliers.

And then, the calm dissipated and over 300 high school students packed into the dance spaces. My view from the top of the bleachers:

It ended up being a great night. Marci and her sophomore students did a fabulous job. I’ve chaperoned a lot of dances in my teaching career and, honestly, it was the first dance that I’ve wished I was a student at. The night felt really special. I always love seeing my kids at dances: they are dressed up, in good moods, and happy to be there. Seeing them at outside-of-school-events reminds me of what cool people they are and it makes me proud of them. It’s times like this that my job is the best in the world.

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