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True Snapshots

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1. Early morning pizza dough making.

2. The beginnings of this dip.

3. Pillowy dough on the rise, plus a dish ready to pop in the oven when things get busy later this week.

4. A mess of a kitchen, after getting everything prepped for this week’s meals.

5. My newest blackboard decoration. This makes me happy.

6. Stocked veggie basket. More happiness.

7. Lunch for three (my Father-in-law is in town!). Trying coconut lemongrass soup from Swing Thai for the first time. I am love.

8. Puppy in the grass.

9. My garden. Lots of green tomatoes waiting to ripen up on those branches.

10. New sprouts. I ripped out a zucchini plant and 3 cucumber plants to get fall seeds in: red leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, carrots, and broccoli. Hard to believe that the zucchini plant was once a tiny little sprout like that.

11. Wildflowers outside. I credit the bees for a successful 1st garden!

12. Wildflowers inside.

Happy Labor Day, friends! Enjoy the day off work. We are having some family over this afternoon for a barbecue. Can’t wait to relax and spend time in the sunshine.

Love, Kellie