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GB Fish & Chips

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I’ve been waiting, cruelly and with no real reason, to post about this little favorite eatery of ours.

It’s a local spot – introduced to me by my teaching partner, who knows the guy who owns it. (Those are the best kinds of restaurants, don’t you think? Where the place is owned by a “real” person?)

Luckily for you, the cruelty ends today. I am now, officially, finally, telling you about GB Fish & Chips. Unluckily for my students, however, the cruelty never ends. (I’m making them think! About themselves and who they are in the world! They have to write! And bring a pencil with them to class every day! Ack, the terror!)

Can we step away from that terrifying scene and just take a moment to reflect on these crisp, flaky, tender filets of cod pictured below?

Much better.

I’ve not always been a fan of fish and chips. In fact, I remember one specific meal when I was in London with my friend Michelle and we had a lunch of fish and chips. It was heavy, greasy, and not at all pleasant. I felt pretty terrible afterwards. GB’s version, however, couldn’t more of the opposite. It makes for a truly delicious lunch, one that isn’t heavy in the slightest. In fact, it’s where a large group of runners ate following this event.

Add to the excellent eats the ambience, which is a beacon for soccer football fans, and you have yourself a mighty fine establishment, mate. (Do the British say “mate”? I don’t even know. Let’s pretend they do. While we’re at it, let’s also pretend that my high school freshmen remember to bring a writing utensil with them to class everyday.)

The restaurant is colorful, bright and open – a great place to meet up with friends for a beer or to grab a quick lunch while out running errands. Bottom line is, high school freshmen have no excuse not to have a pencil with them everyday. Seriously. It’s February. And they’re freshmen. These things aren’t new to them!!

Oh, and the other, much more relevant bottom line – if you are in/around the Denver area, GB Fish & Chips is one place that I would strongly recommend checking out on your next lunch out.

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