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We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

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Oh, HI there, friends.

Remember how I talked about balance? And how that was my word of the year?

I’ve been trying to get myself some of that lately. It didn’t go too well last week.

Here’s a quick run-down: Christmas Break was heaven. Sincere wonderfulness. I ran,  I cooked, I spent time with friends and family, I blogged, I talked with my husband. It was nice.

School started, and it all went to hell. Suddenly I was working 13-16 hour days (seriously, no exaggeration) again. I ran twice, but woke up at 4:30 am and ran in the pitch black morning to make it happen. I didn’t talk to my husband. I didn’t spend time with friends or with family. I didn’t cook. We ate, but thinking back, I have no idea what.

And then I started to lose it. I know I’m losing it when all this is happening and it feels normal. I feel fine.

Newsflash: these things are so not fine!

So I took a little cutback on what I could. Little cutbacks are nice, but big cutbacks are even nicer.

I’ve made a couple of adjustments that will hopefully keep me grounded (for now) and here’s another one: I’ll be blogging a bit less frequently for now. When I started the blog, I was posting 6 times a week: A grocery list and 5 recipes each week. Then I decided to add in a bit of everyday blog fun, so I posted everyday, plus 5 posts on the weekend to keep those grocery lists and recipes going. That equalled 10 posts a week. Then I cut back to keep it at 5 posts a week. I’m going to be reducing those posts a bit more now: 3 a week, in an effort to maintain my longed-for balance.

Truth is, I love this blog. I love all of you. I love reading your comments and your emails. I love hearing about what you’re cooking and what’s going on in your lives. This blog makes me excessively happy. So, it stays. But I want to bring you better posts. No posts that are just a video. That’s lame. That’s what Facebook is for. This place is for connecting, for recipes, and photos and stories. I want that for this place.

So. There it is. One of the several steps I’ve taken lately to ensure a bit more balance for myself and a more high-quality product on a slightly less frequent basis. Sound like a deal?

What about you guys? How are your resolutions or goals going?