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Putting It Out There

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Sometimes I find that writing things down is helpful.

For instance, if Jason is going to the grocery store for me, it’s probably in everyone’s best interests that I write “chicken thighs” on the grocery list, instead of “cxth”, which can lead to obvious confusion for the grocery shopper.

If a student points out an error that I’ve made in the gradebook, it’s a good idea to write myself a note to fix the error, otherwise that error will go, forgotten, until the student is failing at the end of the trimester and, I realize, shouldn’t be.

If I want to remind myself of what I want to focus my energies on, writing it down is a great way to keep it at the forefront of my mind. That’s why I like my kitchen chalkboard so much. It lets me put things out there – label my kitchen with poetry, with ideas, with reminders.

The most recent reminder I wrote on the chalkboard was a note to the Broncos, asking them to please win their playoff game last week. It apparently went overlooked, as we were most definitely not included in this weekend’s round of playoff games.

Luckily, my new board recording is a much more personal one. I don’t have to count on Tim Tebow to make any of these things happen. I just have to count on myself. I have to remind myself. I have to put it out there.

So, here it is.


Goals. Resolutions.

Notes to myself.

And, if Tim Tebow is interested in joining me for that cup of coffee, I have a few ideas on how to improve his game.

Just putting it out there.