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Cocoa Cram

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It’s important to study for finals when you’re in high school.

It’s important to drink as much hot cocoa as you can during the holiday season.

When you combine studying, cocoa, and a room full of high schoolers, you’re left with a Cocoa Cram!

In my past life I was in charge of organizing a Cocoa Cram for around 350 freshmen. It was held in the school library, and upperclassmen came to tutor the freshmen and to help them study for their finals. It was always a success and always resulted in at least two cups of cocoa being spilled on the library floor.

Tonight’s study session was a little bit different…there were only six high school students, there were no tutors, and no spilled cocoa. Also, there was a German Shepherd. Never had one of those with us in the library.


There was a lot more enjoying of company going on at tonight’s Cocoa Cram than there was studying, but that’s okay too.

As long as they all pass their classes, of course.

Good luck to all the students out there taking finals this week! And a special good luck to the students I got to spend last night with. I enjoy you all – your stories, your question answering, your laughter – so very much!