Thursday: Personal Wellness Plan

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{this post is the final exemplar essay for this week’s Personal Wellness Intensive!}

I know that there are many steps I can take to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Those steps include my nutrition, exercise, and screen time. Having a plan for how to live and how to promote my personal wellness is important to ensuring that I am living the best life I can.

When it comes to the food I eat, I want to continue to eat well. I decided this summer that I wanted to reduce my carbohydrate intake, as well as my intake of fats and dairy. I have been doing a good job of following through on those goals, but want to continue to strategically plan meals so that I’m feeding myself the best I can. Part of making smart food decisions means continuing to educate myself and then follow through based on what I learn.

In terms of physical activity, my goal is to continue to increase it! As we move toward the winter, it is my goal to be physically active every day – whether I am doing yoga, running, or going for a walk with a friend. It is important to move every day, regardless of how tired I am or of how cold it is outside, which is often a detractor for me during the winter.

Reducing screen time has a large impact on my mood and energy levels. I plan to continue to reduce my time in front of the television and computer. I’ve greatly reduced the amount of television I watch by thinking critically about my television consumption. I’ve had to ask myself about the reasons I watch the shows I do in order to weed out the few programs that I actually enjoy watching, versus the shows that I watch just because they’re on. My television consumption is now very low because of this. I don’t see a way to realistically cut my computer screen time: between school and my blog, I spend a good amount of time on the computer. I’ll continue to think about ways to work smarter, not harder, to try and reduce this.

Overall, my food, exercise, and screen time play a large role in the quality of my life and my personal wellness and health. In order to be the best version of myself I can be it is crucial that I am always making smart decisions about my lifestyle.

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