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Thanksgiving Table Decor, on a Budget

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We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year.

Although we’ve had plenty a party at our house, this will be our first indoor sit-down dinner.

Our normal table seats 4. We’re hosting 8. In will come the folding tables and folding chairs, neither of which are particularly nice looking.

All hail the DIY tablecloth.

And the DIY napkins.

This project cost around $50 total. For those funds, we now have a tablecloth and 16 cloth napkins.

The goods:

5 yards fabric (for the tablecloth), washed, dried, and ironed

1 yard each of 4 different fabrics, washed, dried, and ironed

1 roll twine/natural jute.

1 package hem tape

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I have not made the tablecloth yet. Right now, it is simply folded in half draped across my kitchen table.

But, that doesn’t matter….because today it is all about the napkin.

Now, I do not know how to sew, so you’ll notice that today’s craft involves rough edges and no sewing. I’m okay with that. It’s more the shabby chic look than the uber-polished look.

Without any sewing, it took just a few steps to make those yards of fabric into 16 tidy little napkins.

Here’s the photo tutorial to give you an idea of how I went about it!

 Et voila! I’m in love with all the patterns and how they look together. The table isn’t anything too fancy, but it’s something I can be proud of when my family is all gathered around it on Thursday. I think my favorite part is that, while the colors work well for Thanksgiving, I’ll be able to use all the components at other points in the year, as well.

What are your tips for a pretty, yet affordable, Thanksgiving table?