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My Bag Gained .5 pounds in San Francisco

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It went from 50 pounds to 50.5 pounds over the course of the weekend, and that’s not counting that I arrived with one carry-on bag and left with two.


I’m just thankful the airlines don’t make the passengers get on the scale each leg of the trip.

With all the food and eating that inevitably goes on at a food blogging conference, I’m much more content to find out that my bag has gained weight than to find that its owner has.

What I took home with me from the conference, though, weighs quite a bit more than a measly half pound. So many speakers and conversations and thoughts have left me with this one overarching question: Am I doing everything I can to get to where I want to be?

The answer to that, of course, is no.


More than the cake mixes and bags of coffee that I left the Foodbuzz Festival with, I left with a renewed dedication and passion for this little blog that I started more than a year ago. I need to be true to myself and to my vision. For me, that means more of what I started this blog for in the first place: weekly menus and grocery lists.

Life is ridiculously busy, right? We run around like frantic little chickens at work and when we finally arrive home, all we want to do is kick off our high heels, pull on a pair of stretchy pants, eat a tasty and easy dinner and snuggle with our dogs or kids or roomates or lovebirds on the couch while watching old episodes of Mad Men on Netflix.

I can help with that. I can make your weekend grocery shopping a breeze and I can help budget those grocery dollahs and get you on that couch with your dinner in a snap. I can’t do lots of other things, but I can do that.


I have one other thing to tell you and then it’s off to guzzle a gallon of coffee and get my behind to work. I was flying home from San Francisco and I was sitting in the aisle seat next to a super schmootzy couple who were doing their darndest to make the rest of us disappear and I was trying not to see her stroking his inner thigh. I was reading the October issue of National Geographic which my friend Kelsey loaned me, and I came across this quote from Barton Seaver, a chef turned sustainable fisherman. He said, “I’m trying to speak to people as a cook and not as a chef. A cook has a more elemental, universal role, offering the communion of food to humanity.”


What is food except for the way we connect with people and the world? Let’s connect. Let’s cook. Let’s eat. It doesn’t get much more real than that. And after we’re done, we’ll watch Mad Men and eat cake. It doesn’t get much better than that.


15 thoughts on “My Bag Gained .5 pounds in San Francisco

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  2. Hi new friend! I’m so lucky I got to sit next to you at dinner! And I felt the same way about leaving the conference with more inspiration and more motivation to do more, to do better and to be better. 🙂

    1. Hi Morgan! So glad you dropped by today! It was so great to leave the conference feeling inspired. It really made me ask myself all the right questions….
      What do you feel like was your biggest takeaway from the weekend?

  3. Thank you so much for your post. I love your clarity of purpose. After blogging monthly for years, I just started blogging daily about three weeks ago, and it’s made such a difference in my life and happiness. However, I find that my blog can be very scattered and somewhat rudderless. Do you have any tips on how to find focus in a blog? Thanks so much and be well.


    1. Hi Kat! Thank you for your kind words. I completely agree with you as to the difference daily blogging makes in life. For me, my focus comes from the reasons why I first started my blog. took a break from my focus for the last 6 months, but honestly, it feels good to be back to what I originally started it for because I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. My biggest tip would be to ask yourself what you really, really want to write about – not what you think other people want you to write about – and go confidently in that direction!

    1. Hi Annie! So glad you stopped by. Fingers crossed for no snow tonight! Or, if there is snow, then maybe enough to cancel school?! 😉 A girl can dream, right?

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