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I’m Taking 4 Pairs of High Heels to San Francisco

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Yep, you read that right.

Ma’ high heels are all packed up and ready for a big trip!

(Don’t worry Mom, I’m bringing a couple pairs of non-heelies, for walking, too!)

I’m leaving for San Francisco today.

I’m excited.

I’m nervous.

Lots of nervous.

I’m headed to the 3rd Annual Foodbuzz Festival! It’s my first ever foodblogging convention/conference/festival and hey, have I mentioned that I’m feeling a bit on the nervous side?

I spent too much time last night poring over posts from foodbloggers who were at last years’ festival, time that I should’ve spent weeding out high heels from my bag. Instead, I was like a brand-new 9th grader on the night before the first day of high school, scouring the pages of last year’s yearbook to try to figure out what to pack, and what to wear, and whotheheckamIgoingtoeatlunchwith????

Despite my newbie jitters, I am excited. It feels pretty surreal that I am headed down to this event which will bring in nearly 300 foodbloggers from all over the country.  My travel costs were paid for by Foodbuzz, thanks to this delicious little par-tay.

Thanks, Foodbuzz! Couldn’t have done it without you.

So today, I’m off. The weekend will be an absolute flurry of new faces, an orgy of food and drink, and an experience like none I’ve ever had before. I’m really hoping to keep my cool and not lose it (like I did here) when faced with some of the best in the foodblogging biz. Please, Universe, don’t let me giggle like a school girl and use my newfound running skills to run away from people. Please.

Keep your fingers crossed for me; I tend to be pretty hopeless.

As long as I don’t end up eating lunch in a bathroom stall all by myself, I’ll consider the weekend a success.

Regardless of where I end up eating, though, be sure check back in this weekend! I’m going to be posting each day so that I can take all of you along with me. I’d invite you to climb on into my bag, but I don’t want you to get jabbed in the eye by a high heel. Things are a leeeettle crowded in there.

See you in San Francisco!