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A Different Sort of Week

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Last week was all about the weekly menu and grocery list. Every other week will be all about a new weekly menu and grocery list. That means this week is a different sort of week.

It’s intensives week at my school, which means that teachers teach one class for an entire week. You have the same students and the same content all day, every day, It sounds terrible, but it’s actually amazing. I’ve taught all sorts of classes for intensives past: an all-girls’ intensive, a blogging intensive, and an intensive devoted to the novel Into the Wild. Each of them has been really great, in its own way. This week, though, will be fabulous. My friend Francy and I worked together to develop a personal wellness intensive. Students will be learning about nutrition and exercise to help them better understand themselves, their daily routines, their moods, and their future goals.

Throughout the course of the week, students will write vignettes which will culminate in their Personal Wellness Narrative. I’ll be writing the exemplar vignettes each day and will be posting them here on Blackboard Kitchen so you can share in the fun with me and my students! You can consider this the week that you’ll learn way more about me than you ever wanted to know.

Another important aspect of this week will be teaching students healthy alternatives. One part of our nutritional studies will be that, every day, we’ll be working together to make a healthy snack, which we’ll eat after our afternoon exercise session. I’ll be posting those recipes here as well. I’ve created a new page called “Intensive” (you can find it up on the menu bar towards the top of the page), which will house all the exemplar essays and healthy snacks.

I hope you’ll swing by to check out what we’re doing in class each day and maybe to even take the chance to think about your own lifestyle and habits. I know it’s already making me think really critically about all the decisions I make each day and how they impact me – for better or for worse.

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