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You Could Be a Farmer in Those Clothes

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If I weren’t a teacher

If I weren’t a food blogger

I would want to be a farmer.

How cool is that?

Chipotle might not be my favorite restaurant out there, but this video definitely is now in the top tier of favorites. Jason sent it to me today and I just want to keep watching and re-watching it. The sight of those little piggies being plumped up and packaged? Makes me so sad. But the free and happy animals at the end?

Happiness abounds.

We start studying propaganda next week in my Humanities class.

I know this is an excellent example of propaganda, but I don’t even care. It makes me want to frequent Chipotle because that’s where the pigs were happy and free and not filled full of steroids.

We’ll be watching this video in class next week. Over and over and over again.

I wouldn’t have made a very good farmer. But happy animals? I’ll take ’em any time.