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The Great Switcheroo

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I detailed last year’s switch from summer to fall decorations in this post.

This year’s switch was much more fun.



The summer decor was all about fresh and bright colors, and clean surfaces and materials. I loved summer’s citrusy feel; the bright green, fresh yellow, and cooling white all worked with the deep base turquoise.

Fall, on the other hand, is all about rich coziness, pops of saturated color and layered textures. The colors are more mixed, more present, and more integrated. It’s deep purple, thick red, wintry white, and grounding gray. It’s also handprints all over the dresser.

That’s reality.

I have a couple of favorite spots in the new fall set-up.

One is this lamp. L.O.V.E. doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for this pretty little thing.

Another is this old soda crate, which I snagged from the same thrift store as the lamp. We use it to store odds and ends under the coffee table – the remotes and coasters, mostly.

Another is the shelf with all my favorite cookbooks. The cookbooks used to be scattered throughout various locations, but I love having them all in one spot where I can easily turn around and grab them.

I am also seriously a huge fan of the white rose pillow and the embroidered grey and cream rug.

Okay, I like it all.

It’s my house and I’m allowed to love everything.

Actually, I think maybe that’s a requirement when it comes to decorating your own house: you can do whatever you like; you just have to love it all. For me, it’s foufy pillows and rich colors and a couple old pieces to keep things interesting. Maybe for you it’s paintings, or neon signs, or loads of books everywhere. Your house should be you. I think the fall decorations are me (and Jason too, of course). The summer decorations were us, too. That’s why I like changing things up with the seasons; the seasons don’t stay the same, the outfits we wear in the seasons don’t stay the same, so why should the house keep looking the same?

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