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From Jack O’Lantern to Classy Lantern

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It looks like a pumpkin, but it’s actually a vintage lamp, complete with bright orange paint and filled with 50 years worth of dirt and dust.

We found it at an antique store in our neighborhood. It was part of a pair, but we only wanted one.

So we broke the pair up.

Took it home.

And made it part of our our fall decor plans.

Pumpkin orange, however fall-ish it may be, was not part of the fall decor plans.

So we wrapped up the wood, taped all the seams, and cleaned out the inside (Seriously. FILLED with dust and dirt.).

And we spray painted it.

Well, actually we primed it with white primer.

Then we painted it with glossy white paint.

Hello, gorgeous.

All our vintage lamp needed now was a hip little lampshade to keep things balanced.

I bought two lampshades at Target.

I ordered one (giant) lampshade from Amazon.

I returned two lampshades to Target.

We bought two lampshades from Ikea.

I bought one lampshade from Target.

Turned out that keeping things balanced was a bit more difficult than I was expecting.

I need to return two lampshades to Ikea.

And I’m stuck with the lampshade from Amazon. (Pay for return shipping, plus pay a 25% re-stocking fee? Um, I think I’ll just hang onto it.)

But, low and behold, with a few tweaks (Read: wire cutters and super complicated maneuvers. Read: that lampshade ain’t never comin’ off), the Target lampshade did the trick.

And now, our classy lantern lights up our fall decor.

Our classy little vintage lamp.

Is it cheesy to say that it lights up my life?

Because it does. In the cheesiest of ways.

More photos of the transformation from summer to fall to come!