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Two Years

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Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.

Last year, I couldn’t believe that an entire year had gone by since our wedding.

This year I feel even more surprised to realize that it’s been two years.

It’s been two years since my bridesmaids and I tried to figure out how to tie the sash on my dress. Still not sure if we got if on the way it was really supposed to go.

It’s been two years since I sat on the front porch of the only haunted cabin at camp and drank champagne out of red plastic mugs with my beautiful bridesmaids. (Seriously, it’s haunted. By a woman who died the night before her wedding. Why I chose to stay in it on the night before my wedding is something I’ll never quite understand. #worstnightsleepever.)

It’s been two years since Jason’s Dad’s cousin’s wife, Melanie, officiated our ceremony. Mel was amazing; it was so personal and so exactly what we wanted it to be.

It’s been two years since I (and my dad and my bridesmaids) was ten minutes late to my own wedding, prompting Jason’s best friend from middle school and his brother to have to play the opening song three times while they waited for us to come tromping through the forest in our heels and long dresses.

It’s been two years since my late arrival to my wedding prompted looks like this from my grandma. I don’t blame her. I would have been a bit concerned, too.

It’s been two years since my family(s) gathered up, all together, for large group photos in a place at camp where I never imagined all these people would ever be.

It’s been two years since we took photos around, on top of, and inside of the old backpacking bus.

It’s been two years since I got stung by a hornet inside the bus. (Which promptly swelled my arm up. And itched. And huuuurt like a mother.)

It’s been two years since my mom, with the help of other family and friends, transformed a camp dining hall into an elegant wedding reception. Still, all I can say is….wow.

It’s been two years since Jason and I threw good dancing skills to the wind and decided to simply get out on the dance floor and sway together, high school prom-style for our first dance.  I’m so glad we did.

It’s been two years since my dad and I sang our favorite bed-time song to each other while we danced and did our old hand motions. 

It’s been two years since Jason and his mom danced together and tried to avoid looking at each other so that they wouldn’t cry. It didn’t work.

It’s been two years since we celebrated  with our friends and our families in a weekend that we will remember forever.

Happy 2nd anniversary, my dear.

I’d get stung by a few more bees, if only it meant I got to marry you again.