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Fall is a Season for Grown-ups

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Fall has arrived. It snuck up on me this weekend.

One day it was 84 degrees in my house and I was begging the weather gods for a reprieve.

And the next day, I put on my slippers when I woke up.

I wanted my big fleece bathrobe, but it was packed up in storage so I had to settle for my summer bathrobe. It was a bit of a letdown, but at the slippers were cozy and furyr.

One fabulous book I read this summer was called Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott. I’m that terrible library book borrower who folds over page corners in books I check out. I fold corners down on pages that have quotes I like and then when I’m done with the book I go through it and write down all the quotes that I liked.

The following is a quote that I wrote down in June.

I was waiting until it truly felt like autumn before posting  this quote.

It officially feels like autumn.

I couldn’t be happier.

Anne Lamott couldn’t have written a truer quote.

“Fall was her favorite season, a season for grown-ups, the wild, birght colors of flame, and when your insides tightened in the cold, you felt more present and on guard than in the balmy softening days of summer. The fall said, ‘Get cracking.'”

Thank you, Anne Lamott.