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Eggs That Chickens Only Dream Of

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I had a friend in college named Kendra. Or maybe it was Brooke. No. Wait…it was Melissa.

Her name seriously escaped me for the first three minutes of composing this post.

Melissa and I decided to live together for our junior year of college. We looked at several dumpy college houses before deciding not to live together. I don’t remember why we reached that particular decision. My memory is a bit off lately. It’s probably the high school kids draining the life out of me.

The main thing that I do remember about Melissa was that she seriously disliked eggs. The texture, the taste…they just didn’t do it for her.

While I do think it was for the best that Melissa and I parted ways mid-way through college, I do wish that I could run into her and catch up and feed her these eggs. We still may not want to be roommates (again, it would be for the best), but I think she would change her mind about eggs. These eggs are magic like that.

There’s no real recipe here. No hard and fast ingredient list is necessary to make this magic happen.

You’ll want cream cheese. Don’t buy low-fat cream cheese. You’re better than that. 2 ounces of cream cheese is about right for 4 eggs.

You’ll want an assortment of fresh herbs. Go with whatever you haven’t killed off in your windowsill garden. That’s what I did. Make it a generous assortment. A tablespoon of sea salt is also necessary.

Lastly, you’ll want some eggs. Go local. Go free-range. You’ll be glad you did.

Crack the eggs into a medium bowl. Add a splash of milk and several grinds of pepper. Whip ’em until frothy.

Melt a pat of butter into  a large, non-stick skillet over medium heat.

Pour in eggs. Continually scrape pan as eggs cook to make scrambled eggs. When halfway cooked, add herbed cream cheese.

Continue to cook eggs, while melting cream cheese into the eggs. Remove eggs from the burner before they are completely set. This will keep them from becoming rubbery and dry.

Serve alongside multi-grain toast, or on top of a bagel, or alongside a couple of slices of bacon and fresh fruit. Serve to people whom you weren’t ever roommates with. They’ll like them, I promise.