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Drowning in Peaches

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I quite like the idea of this post’s title. I regret to say that I am, in fact, not actually drowning in peaches.

But if I were, there are a few dishes that I would instantly make.

Peach cobbler, served steaming, with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream served on top and melting into all the crannies between the sweet, tangy peaches and the cakey cobbler.

Pecan chicken peach sandwiches, slathered with jalapeno mayonnaise and topped with crisp lettuce. A long-time favorite around these parts. I made these sandwiches again, last night, for our anniversary dinner at home.

Savory chicken glazed with peaches,topped with toasted almonds, served over rice and paired with broccoli. I crave this. I am craving this. Will someone please make this dish and bring it over to my house? That’d be great. Thanks in advance.

Peaches. A bushel of peaches. A bathtub of peaches. A refrigerator drawer bursting with peaches.

A girl could be so lucky….