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Monday Confessions

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1. I played “parent” to a 12 year old for approximately 30 hours.

She was asleep for about 10 of those hours. While I enjoyed my time with her, it left me exhausted and with a sore throat from talking so much. Just in case you were wondering.

2. While rushing through the airport to pick said 12 year old up at her gate, we saw David Crowder. I’ve loved his music for a long time. I’ve seen him play, very close-up, twice.

Yet, when I saw him. I turned into a complete school-girl (around the age of 10, I’d say). I literally started scampering towards him, giggling, then I got scared that it wasn’t actually him, so I ran away. Then Jason confirmed that it was indeed him. My scampering recommenced. Then my giggles got the best of me, so I just stopped. And stared, grinning like a fool at him. Mr. Crowder and his bandmate watched this entire scene unfold. They just watched me, with little smiles on their faces as I remained so stuck in school-girldom that I ended up wimping out and running away. Again. I could have said hello. I could have told him how much I appreciate his music. I could have mentioned that I’ve loved seeing him live and that I am thankful for what he does. I could have shook his hand and welcomed him to Denver, my hometown. But, I didn’t. I just giggled, scampering back and forth between him and Jason, asking Jason loudly (more than two times), “Are you sure that’s him?!”. And then I ran away. Because I am apparently a panicker when confronted with greatness and super long goatees (it’s below his shoulders at this point). At least I now know the truth about myself.

3. This week is full of excitement: it is my birthday (woo!), and it is the start of teachers being back to school. I know I’m not supposed to be excited about going back to school. But I kinda am. I want to get in there and get my room set back up and start doing some planning. Later on, say, in two weeks, when I am dreading returning to work after a great weekend, I’m going to need to someone to please remind me that I was, actually, excited at one point.

4. I can’t stop thinking about these or about these. I might make them both again this week. New recipes be damned!

5. I had a dream last night that Ava was drowning.

I tried to save her and she pulled me under with her. It was quite scary. But then I woke up and we were both okay. I was really happy about that.

6. I watched the Broncos play last Thursday in their first pre-season game. I was really excited for the game. But then, once it was on, I didn’t feel super interested. I ended up falling asleep in the second quarter. I woke up towards the end of the third quarter and watched for the rest of the game. Brady Quinn did pretty well. It also turns out that he is pretty cute. I think Denver would win in a quarterback pageant. Even neck-bearded Kyle Orton was looking pretty spry on Thursday. And I don’t have to say anything about Tim Tebow. He’s always got it goin’ on.

7. Jason is not going to be happy with confession #6. Mostly because he thinks that the Green Bay Packers’ quarterbacks are prettier than the Broncos’.

8. I successfully made cheese, after last week’s failed attempt. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Cheese is remarkably easy to make. I might move on to mozzarella now that I’m feeling so cheesy.

9. Happy hour on the porch is where it’s at. Seriously.

I hope summer never ends. Maybe we should disregard confession #3 at this point.