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Dreamy Street Food

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You know how much I love Farmer’s Markets.

The produce.

The people.

The dogs.

The street food.

Oh, the street food.

Since we moved, we’ve started frequenting a new farmer’s market that is closer to our neighborhood. While this farmer’s market is smaller than the Cherry Creek market, it feels much more homey and local. There are more veggie stands, less bread stands, and less food trucks.


The bread stand is my favorite out of all the farmer’s markets.

And the food truck, based on what we had last weekend, was nothing to scoff at.

We first saw Taco*Bar at the start of summer. We were at the market early, around 9am, to get the best crack at the vegetables. We got our veggies. We saw the taco truck. I realized that it was 9am. I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I was in no mood for tacos. My Texan husband, on the other hand, was ready for some taco-goodness. I called trump and we left with only a pastry for breakfast.

I knew I had to remedy that situation, so last week we rode our bikes down to the market, and we left at an appropriate taco-eating time: noon.

We parked our bikes, locked ’em up, and made a beeline to the Taco*Bar.

The owner, Phil, was as friendly as can be. I was carrying my Culinary School of the Rockies bag (remember back in November when I reviewed a class at CSR?) and it turned out that he is a graduate of CSR! It also turned out that he was from Texas, too.

Texas and tacos? Jason was drooling at this point.

The tacos here are made fresh, right in front of you. Look at these beauties!

Little pieces of artwork.

So vibrant and fresh.

So fragrant and mouthwatering.

These tacos turned out to be more than just a pretty face.

They tasted as good as they looked.

We tried four different tacos: the Duck Confit, the Korean BBQ, the Pork Carnitas, and the Blackened Fish.

My hands-down, love-at-first-sight taco was the Duck Confit taco. Seriously. This. taco. is. good.

I barely remember what the Duck Confit taco tasted like. It was like one of those sweet dreams that you might dream just before you wake up, one of those dreams that you try to hang on to as your mind struggles to settle in on the particulars of your day. All exaggeration aside, this taco was like those dreams that slip away from you far too soon…The taco was creamy, sweet, crispy, and fresh. The meat literally melted in my mouth. That’s all I can remember at this point.

The Blackened Fish taco was my runner-up. The seasoning was spot on. The fish was light and flaky. The flavor had a full-mouth spiciness that lingered into the next bite. It was topped with crisp cabbage and a creamy sauce.

The Korean BBQ taco came in third (it was, however, first on Jason’s list). The meat was tender, with a spiciness that hit in the back of my throat. The flavors were surprising – the briskness of mint, the crispness of radish, and the sweetness of the sauce made this taco.

My fourth place taco was the Pork Carnitas taco. This taco had the most traditional flavors for me. The meat was tender, but not as juicy as I’d have liked it to be.

We ate the tacos while listening to a fabulous little duo – they sang John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”, amongst other songs.

I love that song.

I loved the duck confit.

See? Dreamy.

Check out Taco*Bar on Facebook for information about their locations and events.
Get yourself to the Duck Confit taco. Soon.
Dreams really can come true, my friends.