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Workin’ Like it Depends on Work, Rebuilding Version

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Part I: Workin’ Like it Depends on Work, Demo Version

Well, we survived the demolition of our dining room, and so days 3-5 were all about rebuilding what we had just destroyed. Our group was hard-working throughout the entire week. There was no one day that was more productive than any other; they just kept right on working, regardless of how tired they were or hot it was outside.

The photo below is of our entire group, taken at the other group’s work site.

And now, back to our site.

Our rebuilding process consisted of sheet rocking the ceiling, which was an enormous job in and of itself. After it was all covered and all the spaces were filled in and all the holes (for circuit boxes and such) were cut out, we mudded and taped over the seams and screws.

And then the sanding begun. Oh, did we ever sand. Check out our new skin protective coating! Like sunscreen, but mud dust.

Once the ceiling was sanded down, it looked a little something like this. Remember how it looked before? Huge progress!

Painting was next on the list. We painted the ceiling (three times), the trim, and the doors.

Our final day was all about the finishing touches. Painting continued, and the effort to get the crown molding back in and in the right location was begun, as was the process of caulking the gaps and painting over them.

Since the crown molding had been pried off the wall, we had to restore it, which meant all-day efforts to slice the caulk off of the molding, sand the molding, and repainting the molding. Below, Melissa’s amazing puzzle work to get all the molding back where it belonged.

We cleaned. A lot. And then it was time for the grand reveal as we turned the dining room back over to its owner.

Proud of a job well done!
A little advice from Gary, our patient teacher for the week, who runs the organization Servant Hands of Texas.

We left Galveston at 3 am on Saturday morning, full of memories of proud moments, good jokes, and hard work. This group of teenagers was a fabulous one to spend a week with.