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Just like its Kindergarten namesake, today’s post has two parts!

First, I want to tell you about all the changes I made on the site last week! Updating the site has been on my to-do list all summer long. Last week was when I finally got a-crackin’. Note: If you normally read my posts in a reader, that’s cool. I’m a reader-user myself. BUT, I really really hope that you’ll stop by the actual site every now and then to get the full effect! (Sites really are different when you just see them in the reader!)

After I finish telling you all about the updates, I hope you’ll take yourself on a little tour so that those updates can show themselves off to you! Quite a few things have changed, but here are the four biggest changes:

1. The Grocery Lists and Weekly Menus tab/page (above, on the menu!). This is where you’ll find all 27 of the weekly menus (and their respective grocery lists). This page makes it super easy for you to access any of the weekly plans. After you click on a weekly plan, you’ll be able to see all the meals in that week. You can click on each meal from there to see the full recipe and all the step-by-step photos!

2. The Recipes tab/page (also above!). I am in love with this page. Seriously. I want to bring this page a bouquet of summer wildflowers and take it out for a fancy dinner. This page brings you all of the recipes I’ve ever published, on one convenient page! All the recipes include a little photo to help you decide what to make for dinner tonight. (Seriously though, what are you going to make for dinner tonight? I need ideas.) Note that this page does take a little longer to load due to the photos!

3. The photo slider (also above, but below the menu). I used to have a slider, but took it off in the last round of updates I did on the site. I love having it back on because it makes it even easier for you to catch up with posts that you may have missed, or to reference particular posts from the week.

4. The search capabilities. There are three options here. If you:

…like to see things a bit more compartmentalized when it comes to your recipe viewing: all you have to do is scroll down just a bit and then over on the left side of the page you’ll see all the Categories. If you are looking specifically for a, say, chicken recipe, you can just click ‘chicken’ and then you’ll be taken to all the chicken recipes.

…want to search for an ingredient that I don’t have a category for: you can utilize the search box (top right of the page) to search for something specific. All you do is type in a keyword, click search, and you’ll be taken to anything that includes your search term.

…want to find a specific post that you know you read that one day back in March (or February, or September, or last August): you can select a month from the Archives drop-down box to be taken to all the posts for that month.

It is my hope that these updates make Blackboard Kitchen more user-friendly and that it will be easier than ever to find recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists. If there is anything that you would like to see added or that you think would make the site better, I would love to hear it!