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Monday Confessions

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1. I just got home from summer camp. It was amazing. There’s nothing like the joy of 100 high schoolers to make me feel that all is right in the world.

2. I bought shoes from Target yesterday. They are pink. They were $13. I haven’t bought shoes from Target for over ten years.

3. I am officially afraid of my basil plant. It is huge and scary and it lives outside and is filled with bugs. (Does anyone know if this is normal? The bugs are long and black-ish/red-ish. I’ve never seen them before this.)

4. I really like to organize cabinets. I organize my pantry at least once a week. I just reorganized it yesterday. It looks goood.

5. Summer is totes magotes my favorite part of the year. (The kids taught me that phrase. Yeah, I’m pretty hip like that.)