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Birthday Wishes

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It’s day three of Jason’s birthday today (three days is totally normal, right?).

We’ve had a great birthday weekend so far.

There’s been homemade ice cream sandwiches (recipe and details coming later this week!)

There’s been improvised pasta because I couldn’t bear to cook in the 88 degree heat that has permanently infiltrated our house.

There’s been gifts and birthday whiskey.

Because no birthday is complete without whiskey, right?

No birthday is complete without hat hair, either.

He was rocking it.

But the cherry on top of the birthday sundae was, undoubtedly, our dinner at Root Down.

Review on that this week, as well.

But, to wrap these birthday wishes up, a few reasons I love celebrating my husband (I’ll try to keep things as cheeze-less as possible):

1. I love that he has chosen a career that focuses on on the well-being of young people.

2. I love that he inspires me to cook and to learn and to grow.

3. I love that Jason shares, among other things, his birthday whiskey with me. (it’s Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey – highly recommended.)

4. I love that he lets me photograph all the minutia of our daily lives for blog purposes and only gets slightly annoyed – sometimes.

5. I love that he will watch So You Think You Can Dance with me – and even tolerates my reviews of all the dances.

Most patient husband ever.

Happy birthday, Jason! Next year, we’ll celebrate over four days instead of three. You deserve it.