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Wake Up and View the Flowers

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Hi friends!

It’s been one week of summer over here and the last week has been glorious! There have been happy hours, barbecues, celebrations, and get-togethers with friends.  I’ll have lots of food (and recipes) to post this week, but for this Monday morning I’ll just leave you with some flowers. They’re out in full bloom over here, which means that summer is literally in the air. We didn’t plant anything in the ground this year; that’s on the goal list for next spring, so until then I’ll just enjoy the blooms that aren’t planted in the ground.

Jason brought me these irises in celebration of the end of the school year. I know it looks like I photoshopped the color on these guys, but I didn’t. Hello, flower dye.

Here’s a lovely little basket that our cousins/pseudo aunt and uncle/good friends Fred and Mel brought us. I love all the different varieties and colors going on in here.

Last flowers o’ the day are in these hanging baskets. They add so much pop and color!

I hope that your summers (and your gardens) are off to a great start, whether you are at home or at work. See you tomorrow!