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True Tidbits

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  1. I’ve been in Portland for the week, visiting Jason’s dad.
  2. I really like to decorate houses. If teaching/writing/cooking doesn’t pan out…it’s my number one back-up plan.
  3. My bangs are waaay too long. I feel like Justin Bieber, flipping them out of my face all the time.
  4. I love the sun. Being away from it for the last five days has me all out of sorts.
  5. One of my favorite places in the world is in danger. Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp is a part of me in a big way – and it is surrounded, literally, by a wildfire. Prayers, thoughts, etc. for this place that I, and so many others, love would be appreciated.
  6. Family is ridiculously important. Not just the one that you’re born into, but also the one(s) that you are a part of. The whole kit and caboodle – I am a lucky girl.
  7. I dropped my wallet (with my ID, credit cards, and medical cards) and my boarding pass while flying out of Denver. I didn’t realize it until I was in the line for security. I haven’t felt that panicked in a long time.
  8. People can surprise you with their kindness, especially when it comes to finding, and turning in all the items that you foolishly dropped while in the airport.
  9. It turns out I like V8. Who would’ve guessed? Now I want a juicer.
  10. As much as I love adventures, I can’t wait to get back home.


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