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The Tale of 37 Frames, Part II

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Just joining? Part I of the Tale can be found here.

Okay. Let’s pick up at the cliffhanger where we left off. (Who knew that interior decorating could be a such a thrilling tale?)

Chapter 9: Jason Loves Cutting Templates

And the only thing he loves more than cutting newspaper templates is having his photo taken while he’s doing it. We decided to use the same method that we used to hang the gallery wall in our guest room at home. There are lots of details about how to go about this process in that post, so I’ll just give the reader’s digest/photographic version in this tale.

Chapter 10: Who Needs Glass in Photos, Anyway? (sponsored by Jason)

Once all the templates were cut out, and I had laid the frames out in the way I wanted them to adorn the wall, we matched up the templates with the frames and I labeled the templates.

Jason measured the hanging point.

And I got to the precarious task of standing atop a stool and taping the templates to the wall while Jason bossed me around regarding moving the templates to the right, to the left, up, more to the right, a smidge down, more to the right still, etc.

Then Jason put the picture hangers in the wall, straight through the templates. Then, once all the picture hangers were in the wall, he hung Jay’s Cincinnati at night photo. But the picture hanger didn’t properly grip the photo and before Jason could remedy the situation, the Cincinnati photo flew off the wall and came crashing down onto the stone floor, shattering glass to the farthest corners of the room.

Chapter 11: Please, Nobody Cut Your Foot/Hand/Knees Open on the Broken Glass. Please.

Then we cleaned up the glass.

Chapter 12: Having the Courage to Carry On

The above incident might have deterred the amateur decorator, but not us. I tell you, we just kept right on trucking amidst the cursing and the tears. While Jason dried his eyes removed all the picture hangers and replaced them with plain ol’ nails, I set to work on the newspaper templates and the labeling for the golf collection.

Chapter 13: Hallelujah!

Hallelujah, indeed.

(Note: This photo was shot on the morning we left, not on the night that the project was actually completed.)

You’ll notice a few empty frames: some of those will filled in with Jay’s own selection of photos, and the two big frames will be filled in with large photos that are en route to his home.

A few up-close shots from the gallery wall:

A beach in Hawaii (The messy footprints are mine).

A shot from Venice:

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris:

Chapter 14: The Good Times Just Keep on Coming!

After our little mishap in Chapter 10, things carried on much more smoothly. The golf collection, and the accompanying side photos were all hung without any problems.

A few up-close shots of various scorecards:


The anchor piece:

Chapter 15: We Reach the Finish Line

And in this case, the finish line means food. Good food. And wine. (If wine and food really were the finish line in races, I might be persuaded to run one.) We made our self-imposed deadline and completed both gallery walls by about 8:30 that evening. Don’t be fooled by the light outside the windows – it didn’t get completely dark until 10:30 at night while we were there!


I love the way both the galleries turned out. They provide so much interest and drama, and it doesn’t feel like too much because they are in different rooms. The main gallery wall can be seen from the family room, the office, and the entry; whereas the golf collection can only be seen from the entry and in the dining room. The key to gallery walls is keeping everything else around it simple so that it doesn’t become visually overwhelming. Since Jay didn’t have anything else on his walls, these both worked beautifully.

My favorite gallery of the two is the golf gallery: I love that we found a way to display all these little treasures that Jay has been collecting for years and years (some of the items in the collection are 20+ years old!). The collection is so personal to him and such a fabulous way to display his keepsakes. I also really like the dark wall behind it, as it makes the collection pop even more. We diagnosed his style as “International Country Club”, a la my favorite designer Emily Henderson (more on this next week!), and I think both the galleries are perfect touches and are completely representative of his classic style.

(Thank you for letting me post your house and the tale of your gallery walls, Jay!!!)

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