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Homemade Pots

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I have a thing for plants.

Herbs, really.

The kind that you make aioli with, or use to scent pasta sauce.

(Not the kind that you use for other, less delicious purposes. Just to clarify.)

I love my herbs. My basil, mint, oregano, chives, more basil, rosemary, and cilantro.

I like to think that they love me back.

Especially now that their pots got all dressed up.

Last week, I decided that my windowsill garden was looking a little motley. The plants all looked pretty good, but some of my terra cotta pots were looking worse for the wear. I considered buying new pots for them, pretty pots from Crate and Barrel, but then I decided that was a $50 that definitely did not need to be spent.

Then I had an idea.

What if I painted the pots with chalkboard paint? Then I realized that would take way too much chalkboard paint.

The I had another idea.

What if I just painted little chalkboard labels on the pots? It would change the look of the pots, dress them up a little, and it would be a fun project.

So I did it. I photographed the entire project: the taping of the rectangles on the pots, the two coats of primer that I painted, followed by two coats of blackboard paint, the drying in the sun that the pots did between each coat of paint.

Then my camera lost the photos.

How does that happen? How exactly does a camera lose photos?

I don’t get it.

Bad camera.

Good pots.

Pretty pots.


This project cost a grand total of zero dollars. I think that means that I saved 50 dollars. Anne Taylor LOFT, here I come.

I used blackboard paint leftover from this project.

Other than that the project required painting tape, primer, and chalk. All of which were already on hand.

Good dog.

Pretty dog.

She and the pots definitely love me back.