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Veggie Delivery: Like Pizza, but Healthy!

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Now, don’t get me wrong here, folks. Pizza delivery has to be in the top 50 greatest things to ever happen to the food industry, but the delivery of fresh produce to my door certainly has me thinking that it might rank fairly close to the pizza up there. Let’s break this down: Pros of having a hot pizza delivered to your door: 1. it’s pizza, 2. it means you don’t have to cook, 3. it is instant gratification at its finest, and 4. it brings back fond food memories from your childhood. Okay, now the pros of having fresh produce delivered to your door: 1. the veggies are fresh and ready for eating, 2. it saves your behind  if you’re about to cook a meal involving onions and just realized that  you ran out of onions the day before (please pardon my onion breath), 3. no grocery shopping required at that moment, 4. you can feel good about buying from a local company that focuses on bringing fresh, organic produce (they also have meat, cheese, bread, etc.) straight to your home. Eating healthier doesn’t get much easier than this!

So, the pizza delivery might ultimately win out in the great pro/con debate of pizza vs. veggies (sound like a nightly argument you have in your house?), but it was fun to have a little box of goodness delivered to my door.

Back in February, I bought a LivingSocial coupon for  Door-to-Door Organics. I think that this was around the time that our high temperatures in Denver were 2 degrees and the ice was creeping into our apartment and threatening to overtake us. I was cold, everything was dead, and the thought of spring and living things was so overpowering that it was all I could to only buy one of these coupons. So, I did. And I waited to use it until just the right time. Then, last week I looked at it, realized that it expired on Friday, and decided that it was the perfect time to use it.

My coupon covered a Bitty Box, which would normally be $25. I had my choice of veggies and fruit, but I opted the all-veg route. You can see here what I ended up with.

It was so much fun to open my front door and find this box sitting there! It was like a gift of manna from the heavens.

At this point, I realized that we had company who would be arriving in less than 30 minutes, so I hustled all the produce to their appropriate location (onions to cutting board, obviously), filled away the newsletter, slapped the magnet to the side of the fridge, and sent the box packing. In all my hustling, I failed to photograph the remainder of the produce in the box. But, it was all really nicely packed and the produce all looked awesome. We’ve eaten our way through about half of the contents in the box and I have the rest planned into meals for this week.

Ultimate verdict on the veggie delivery: it was really fun to have this little box show up on my porch after a day at work and it definitely made me feel good to buy from this company. However, as a person who regularly grocery shops (and who enjoys doing so), the convenience of this delivery service doesn’t really speak to me. I also found the box to be a bit pricey, if I hadn’t had the coupon for half off. But, I think it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a person who struggles to get to the grocery store in the midst of a busy week!

*Note: I am doing this review entirely on my own terms. I was not asked or compensated by the company in any way.