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End of Year Letters: Advice from My Current Students

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Miss Lisi injoys it when you use big words and when you use a thosarus.

Ms. Lisi is the best teacher that you could have. She may get angry sometimes, but the heart she bares towards all of you is big and strong.

Well…I guess Ms. Lisi is your problem now. 🙂 (just kidding!)

Take pride in your work and always persevere. It’ll help, trust me.

High school is no joke and you have got to try this time.

My advice is to always let your voice shine.

You are freshman and your fortunate enough to get Ms. Lisi for hummanities class for the next two year’s. So you better treat her with respect or else I’ll come after you and make you respect her.

Don’t spill Lisi’s coffee; that’s like breaking a druggie’s pipe. (I know, not school appropriate).

I really didn’t know anything at the beginning of freshman year and I still don’t.

Be expected to be challenged by Ms. Lisi, she allway expects you to try your hardest and do your best.

If I was you I wouldn’t come to class late after lunch.

Don’t keep nagging Ms. Lisi or you will get a mouth full of sassyness.

Don’t make Ms. Lisi mad. When you make hir mad she turns into the Hulk! Jk

If you get this letter, you have my old teacher. Be warned that Ms. Lisi is not to mess with. She helps you on anything you need, but if you don’t behave right, you’ll regret it.

Remember every now and then to make fun of Ms. Lisi’s age!

If I could tell you one thing it is not to fear Miss lisi, though she may look like the evil queen from Snow White, she will not feed you poison apples.

Remember to just be yourself. No one likes a fake.

Be careful what you say to Lisi because she has a type of sassy humorious response. Hahaha.

Ms. Lisi is one of those teachers that if you like to goof around she will push you to become beter and when Ms. Lisi is pushing toward something she gets it.

Good luck during your freshman year and don’t let all the people calling you the “Future of our nation” go to your head.

Don’t piss Lisi off or else your gonna get chewed.

This year will be awsome but you need to be respectful and treat each other fairly.

I can assure you everything will be fine.

No matter who you are be you. Don’t let your friends or classmates mold you into something you are not.

Behave! Listen to your teachers, appreciate your educators. Look back to two years ago, think about who you were then and who you are now. Have you grown, changed, and gotten taller? If the answer is no, then you’re in for one hell of a ride!