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Brie, Fig Spread, Jalapeno, and Turkey Baguette Sandwiches

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This sandwich is super easy.

It’s also super good.

It’s like the Wonder Woman of sandwiches.

Or the Superman of sandwiches.

Or the Incredible Hulk of sandwiches.

Is the Incredible Hulk a superhero?

I don’t know.

It doesn’t matter. It’s all about this sandwich, anyway.

It’s all about the bread.

And the brie.

And the fig spread.

And the fresh jalapenos.

And Jason, who must be given credit for this superhero sandwich.

He gets blurry when he’s excited.

He was really excited here. He really likes this sandwich.

Try it. You’ll get blurry, too.

Cut your bread in half, give it a good drizzle of olive oil, then place some brie on one side of the bread. I like to cut (most of) the crusts off the brie. I’m picky like that. Place both sides under the broiler until the cheese just melts.

Spread some fig jam on the non-Brie side. And place some jalapenos on top of the Brie.

Top the jalapenos with some turkey. Pile some baby Romaine on top of that.

Oh, hello Wonder Woman.

Cut the sandwich in half and eat it.

Blurriness, commence!