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Table Love

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See this little beauty right here?

Meet the newest addition to our happy little family.

I found rescued her from a garage sale. She was mine for a mere $5.

I love garage sales.

This table is 100 years old, and the minute I heard that I knew, without a doubt, that she was meant to come and live in our over 100 year old house. She’s been painted a few different colors over the years, as you can see through the chips in the white paint, but I don’t mind. I think it adds character.

After bringing this baby home and doing the happy dance (several times), I got to work cleaning her up. I used a bucket filled with soapy water, a sponge, and the hose to scrub her down real good. Once she was scrubbed and rinsed, I left her out in the sun to dry, then welcomed her in the house with open arms.

This little five dollar gal is serving quite a few purposes.

1. Bar

2. Platter storage

3. Herb station

I could not love this $5 find more.

And the great part is that I was on the hunt for something just like this – except that this turned out to be much better than I was hoping for.

And it was only $5. Did I mention that yet?

Happy dance.

*Also making me do the happy dance today? The newest page on Blackboard Kitchen! Check out the right hand side of the menu bar and you’ll see the page titled “The House Projects”. This is where all house-related posts (like this one) will be indexed!

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