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Organization, Part Quatre

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The final, shining addition to our new hallyway organization system? (Check out Parts 1 and 2&3 here!) Hook, hooks, and more hooks!

I love hooks. (Please don’t misread that as “hookers”. Things could get awkward, and confusing for all of us.) They are the best organizational tools around! I’ve been installing hooks everywhere I live for quite a while – the same ones just move all over the place with me. Hooks are especially important in this house, because we do not have a coat closet. Or a linen closet. Or very much space for our personal closets. Sigh. But getting around the coat closet actually hasn’t been too tricky. Solution #1?

This guy. We only keep out one or two coats at a time, depending on the season. The others go into our wardrobe in the basement. This way, we only have out what we need. (And if we need anything different, it’s just a quick trot down the stairs to snag it.) In addition to this “coat rack” at the back door that is really only for us, we have another, prettier “coat rack” by the front door, for our guests.

Next to the coat rack is the key rack. The door is actually to the left of the coats, but there is also a window to the left of that, so we positioned the keys far away from windows reach, but still within reach for us on the inside.

These two sets of hooks do so much to keep us organized. We come in, hang up our coats, and hang up our keys. There is never any scrambling around and searching for keys on the way out the door. And, in the interest of being honest, neither of these sets of hooks are new. They both went up the day after we moved in because we knew they were essential to keeping things straight around here.

On the other side of the back hallway/entryway are these beauties:

Little ducks, to hang up my aprons! I saw these ducks and decided they were super cute and whimsical – hooks I probably wouldn’t put anywhere else in the house, but that were fun for the back entry.

Here’s the longer/wider angle, so you can that the aprons are just an arm’s reach from the kitchen. They’re also just smell’s reach for Ava, who likes to check things out and give them her final stamp of approval.

Silly dog.

So, that is the part to the hallway organization! I’ll be snapping a few photos this afternoon so I can show you how it all comes together into one fabulous little entry – organized, clutter-free, and really so appreciated.