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Month in Review

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There’s been a hole in my life lately. A large, blackboard-shaped, food-adjective filled hole that sounds of a clacking keyboard. There’s been a dearth of photo-editing and twitter updates and a lack of creative juices flowing.

But I’m back.

The house is set-up, the dog is feeling better, and Spring is just around the corner, friends. Hallelujah.

I left off in the middle of Week 23 and that is where I’ll pick it back up! Look for recipes to be hitting the airwaves each day this week!

But before we get to the airwaves, let’s have a little photo recap of what’s been going on in my world over the last, oh, month or so. There’s been house decorating, neighborhood exploring, friend sightings, lawnmower (and rug) purchasing, and lots of grilling. Oh, grilling…how much I’ve missed you. Oh little blog…how I’ve missed you, too!