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Thicker Layers, Day Two

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That’s right! It’s day two of our cold days off from school. Oh, how fabulous is it to be granted a gift weekend in the middle of the week?! I am very thankful for the time to be home. I used the time yesterday to pack, relax, and cook! We got a bunch of packing done – only worked for probably an hour, but now the entire guest room, guest bath, family room, and entryway are packed. Jason loaded the cars while I packed the boxes and today we’re headed to the new place to work on painting, meet with a blinds guy, shovel out from the snow, and unload our cars. Should be a productive day! Here’s an update on the icy door:

Aside from the ice overtaking us, we’re doing pretty well. Oh wait. Except for this “highlight” from yesterday…

The power went out. While it was -50 in windchiill outside, our lights went out, we lost all power, and the heat stopped working.

It took about two minutes of sitting there in our daylight-lit apartment for us to instantly go to thoughts of the apocalypse. By minute five we were talking about the best way to break apart the media cart to start a fire in the apartment. By minute ten we were thinking of how we would defend ourselves against the inevitable looters. By minute fifteen we decided that we’d head over to my parents if the power wasn’t back on by the time it started to get dark. By minute twenty we were piling on extra layers (it got cold in there fast!) and remembering that our axe and candles are all at the new house. Minute 30 found us settling in to fold laundry, and then…around minute 60, the heat started again, the lights came back on and we were saved. Hallelujah, we were saved! Luckily we hadn’t yet started to tear apart our wood furniture with our bare hands, or else we’d be pretty pissed.

Luckily I had just finished making lunch at the time when the power went out, so we were able to warm up from the inside while we panicked over the impending doom.

Impending doom always seems much better when you’re faced with a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches and butternut squash soup.