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It feels so strange to be going back to work today. The last two days truly felt like a weekend, and now today feels like Monday. But it’s not! It’s Thursday! Ah, such a divine revelation. But, it’ll be a busy day nonetheless – lots to do after two days away!

Here’s some good news: the ice on our door has significantly receded! It’s still there, but it’s definitely reduced. More good news: I got all the shelves in the house lined with shelf paper yesterday (is shelf paper the bane of anyone else’s existence??).

Here’s some not-so-great news: The weather has things frozen (pun intended) in Dallas, which is where my husband is from and where my mother-in-law, who is supposed to be flying in today to help us with the pack/move, lives. As a result? Her flight is postponed to tomorrow. We are super bummed, but thankful that she’ll only be one day late. Another not-so-great piece of news: We are having issues with our kitchen sink/garbage disposal and dishwasher at the new place. Neither are draining properly (unless you count draining onto the floor/inside the cabinet proper draining), and the dishwasher isn’t even filling on its own. We are wondering if pipes are frozen? Spent a lot of yesterday working on that and attempting to keep the kitchen floor from being flooded. No success yet. Anyone out there ever had frozen pipes? I’d love to hear how you knew, plus how you dealt with it!

Well, back to work. Have a fabulous Monday Thursday!