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Well, we are moved in. At least, our stuff is here. I have no idea where anything is, how to use anything, or how to move around the space yet, but everything is indeed here and we are officially out of the old apartment.

It’s funny how your life becomes so linked to a space, how that space defines your routines and your comings and goings. Now, with a new space, I feel like I don’t know how to handle myself and I don’t know how to transfer my routines here. With apartment living, it always took a little while to get used to flow of a new place, but I feel like the transition time was much shorter. Here, I feel anything but transitioned.

Our house is beautiful and there are some wonderful features and I know we will love living here. But we’re not there yet. It seems that there is so much to do and so much that needs to be figured out (or fixed) that there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to do. We’re moving forward and doing what we can – one little project at a time – and it will get there. But I so wish I could snap my fingers and things would be instantly settled.

Instead, I am back to work. Hope you all had a great weekend and start to your week. Happy Tuesday!