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Lululemon Manifesto

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As I sit here to write my post this morning, I am directly faced with my Lululemon bag, the bag I use to schlep my clothes and necessary items for my job after school (makes me sound like I’m 16, doesn’t it?!). I love this bag because of the Manifesto – the words of wisdom found on it. One day when shopping at Lululemon in their old Cherry Creek location I received a poster copy of their Manifesto

That copy of the Lululemon Manifesto has hung in my classroom now for about 5 years; in my current room, it is above the pencil sharpener. Of course, it is my hope that students are reading it and plucking little bits of insight about the world from it as they grind their pencil to a sharp point. Of course, I don’t know if this really happens or not, but who says I can’t dream!?

Well, my students might not be aware of how I’m trying to enter this message into their subconscious, but I’ll come right out and say it to you: I hope you are as inspired by these little “maxims” as I am. The one that jumps out at me right now is, “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.” But, that could change by this afternoon. 🙂

Which messages inspire you?