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Just Because

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Because it  snowed yesterday and turned my 20 minute commute into an hour and 10 minute commute

Because I spent all day yesterday thinking that today was Friday

Because I ate way too much mac and cheese at Stir last night

Because another teacher is observing my class today

Because I woke up freezing, with one sock on and one sock off

Because I took a shower before I went to bed last night and woke up with still-wet-hair

Because we close on our house in one week

Because there are no more relevant John Adams scenes that I can show my students

Because I have no weekend plans, other than teaching my first cooking class. (Remember, you can get $20 off – that’s $50 for the class and all the food! – by entering BUDGET20 in the discount box when you register)

Because I still have Christmas decorations up

Because I made homemade peanut butter two nights ago and now that’s all that I can think about

Because I am almost out of bread and honey

Because my husband washed, dried, and folded all the laundry and I still haven’t put it all away

Because the last of the Christmas chocolates are now gone