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Oh, hello Friday, you glorious, glorious day of the week.

In an effort to make your Friday doubly glorious, I’m so excited to announce a special deal for all followers of Blackboard Kitchen (that’s you! 🙂 ): sign-up for my cooking class at Stir and receive $20 off! To get your 20 buckaroos off, all you need to do to register is click here, click “Add to Cart”, then enter the promotional code, BUDGET20, in the box. Fast and easy, just like the meals we’ll be making in class!

I’m so glad to be able to offer this discount, because Blackboard Kitchen is all about cooking on a budget – and now you can attend a cooking class on a budget, as well. The great thing about this cooking class is that you’ll leave the class with a grocery list that costs less than $60, four recipes, and a really clear understanding of how to create each meal at home.

Check out more details about my class by clicking here.

Register by clicking here.

Hope your Friday is simply marvelous!