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Busy Bees

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We’ve been buzzing around all weekend trying to tackle a million projects over at the new house! We got a lot done, but it turns out that we were expecting to do more than we actually accomplished. Shocking.

But, we did get the place painted and insulated! A few process photos:

Here’s the main room, all taped up and ready to paint. Those splotches of paint on the wall are where I made the test patches for the new color.

The ceilings, taped off.

You can see the room painted up in it’s final stage! Don’t mind the white fluffy insulation residue on the floor. That’s not staying. It took a long time for me to get all this painted, but it is so worth it. I love the new color!

And a bedroom got a little painted face-lift as well! It was originally the same tan as the living space. Don’t you just love the view out the window?! 😉 My Mom taped and trimmed in here, and I was on roller-duty. Not quite done with this space yet, but getting close.

Job #2 this weekend was the fence and gate building! Jason and his cousin Fred worked their little behinds off to build this beauty:

And this one:

And Jason blew insulation into the attic, with my Dad’s help. Such a monster of a machine!

Follow the trail of cord to find Jason…

Still looking…

There he is! He looks like a cat, doesn’t he?!

And this was his view from the attic. Yikes. Not much insulation up there, save for old newspapers.

And here’s the after. No, that’s not the scene from the Winter X Games! That’s our attic! Pretty dramatic before and after.

My Dad was Jason’s partner in insulation. He fed the machine, while Jason was up in the attic directing the flow of insulation.

More on the attic insulation tomorrow….! (I know you’re super excited.)