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Back to the Real World

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The Christmas tree is down.

The parties are over.

The Harry Potter game has been sent back to the game rental company.

All the guests have left.

The house has been cleaned.

The party leftovers have been eaten.

The family has gone home.

And it is a Monday in the real world. Back to work. {Sigh.}

On the plus side:

There are lots of cookies left.

Ava is still wearing her Christmas bow.

My mind and body are craving routine.

My blog is in need of some routine work, too!

It is a new semester.

There are two work days (glorious, glorious work days!) before students come on Wednesday.

Regular, healthy, low-fat and veggie-laden meals are an absolute must.

It is three weeks until my Blackboard Kitchen class at Stir. (More on this tomorrow!)

It is less than a month until we move. (More on this on Wednesday!)

Although there’s a little anxiety involved, I’m (mostly) ready to get back to the real world.

Good luck to everyone else who is back to the swing of things today!