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Cheesecake Soothes the Soul

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I’ve been craving cheesecake ever since I made these deliciously spicy cheesecakes last week. I think there’s one left in the fridge, and now I’m thinking about the next batch I’m going to make. My foray into the spicy side of creamy desserts is making me think about how many other ways I can modify a classic my Aunt Cheryl’s cheesecake recipe.

You all know what a fan I am of Cooking Light magazine; when this month’s issue arrived with this fabulously gorgeous cheesecake on the front, I knew I had to make it. But I haven’t made it. Yet. But you can bet your springform pan I’ll be giving it a shot soon, especially knowing what a sucker I am for lonely cranberries.

{photo from Cooking Light}

Click here for Cooking Light‘s recipe.

Click here for a photo tutorial on how to get those fabulous swirls.

Click here if you want to volunteer to make me one of these and deliver it to my house this evening. Just kidding. You can bring it to my school today, instead.

What foods are you craving today?