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Week 18 Menu Recaps

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For the second week in a row…I did not cook. The tally of my cooking this week: 1 pasta dish, 1 pan of stuffing, 10 baby artichokes, 1 loaf of cranberry walnut bread, and two plates of pears and cheese. That’s it. I’m actually a bit nervous, because the upcoming week is looking just as busy as the last two. And when the week gets busy, the cooking falls by the wayside. But, I will do my very best next week to get back in the kitchen and get you some good recipes!

Until then, I’ll offer up a recap of weeks past. If you’re looking for a weekly menu and grocery list, use the one that looks tastiest to you! Or use the one that includes the most items on sale at your local grocery store. 🙂 I only included weekly menus that don’t include seasonal produce, which is why some weeks are missing.

Week 7 with buffalo chicken salad, club sandwiches, pork chops with beet salad and zucchini fritters, and fried ravioli.

Week 8 with cobb salad, chicken fried rice, barbecue chicken pizza, and whole wheat pasta with romano and prosciutto.

Week 9 with falafel and pita, chili-rubbed steak salad, zucchini orzo, and baked chicken taquitos.

Week 10 with fresh pasta with creamy tomato sauce, chicken calzones, steak sandwiches, and spicy black bean cakes.

Week 11 with homemade tostadas, baked spaghetti with meat sauce, proscuitto sandwiches and butternut squash soup.

Week 12 with savory peach chicken, penne with pumpkin cream sauce, green chili bowls, and buffalo chicken sandwiches.

Week 13 with sirloin steak with mustard sauce, mexican chicken salad, sausage pizza, and pork chops with cherry sauce.

Week 14 with mushroom swiss pizza, chicken tenders, nachos, and steakhouse chicken burgers.

Week 15 with grilled cheese, chicken quesadillas, ginger soy chicken, and pasta with vodka cream sauce.

Week 16 with parmesan-stuffed chicken, sesame soy meatballs, homemade mac and cheese, and shrimp po’ boys.

I hope there is a menu that strikes your fancy this week!