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To the Birthday Girl

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Today’s post is a tribute to my sister Jessa, who turns 25 years old today! Technically, she’s my little sister, but I’m going to leave that part out of the equation, but that would make me…older than 25. 😉

I love my sister for many reasons…

She and I have fun and can be silly together. We make each other laugh.

She is the person who looks most like me out of everybody in the entire world. In fact, when we were young, people often thought we were twins!

She knows me better than anyone else (other than Jason) and still loves me anyways. (Here she and my friend Heather are winning at the trivia game Michelle created for my bachelorette party.)

She believes in the power and beauty of the ocean, just like I do.

She lets me help her, which is the stuff that every big sister thrives on.

She is there to help me when I need it. (Which is, of course, more often than I’d like to admit…)

She knows how to have a good time.

She is right by my side when it matters most.

She is not afraid to be emotional, which is good because I am not, either! Hello, waterproof mascara!

She loves food (and is an amazing cook!) and constantly inspires me with her creativity.

She is compassionate and generous, forgiving and accepting.

She likes to go on adventures and enjoys exploring new places.

She is beautiful both inside and out and stronger than she knows.

Happy 25th birthday, Jessa!