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Making Amends

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I left things a little down and in the dumps yesterday…

and I’d like to make it up to you. If you were here, I’d make you some falafel and homemade pita, or perhaps bake you a batch of Grandma’s Cookies. Sadly, you aren’t here, so I’d like to try to make up for yesterday’s melancholy with a bit of thankfulness.

Things I am thankful for right at this moment:

  • Roasted butternut squash soup and garlic bread and eating them with friends (both new and old)
  • Seeing with my own two eyes that those friends are indeed safe and in one piece
  • I will get in my car this morning and listen to the audio book of Grace, Eventually by Anne Lamott (for the 2nd time)
  • A great dinner with my family on Monday (we were celebrating Jessa’s birthday!)
  • My lovely dog Ava, who makes every melancholy day look so much brighter
  • My husband, who, although he also had a long day yesterday, helped me with dishes when he got home (even though he didn’t eat the meal)
  • The warm down blanket I have tucked around my legs right now
  • Students who are embracing their blogs and who are excited to write more posts
  • The wonderful Shira, who came yesterday and patiently and lovingly led my students in a personal essay workshop
  • My dear friend Ben, who will take time out of his busy, busy day today to speak (via internet) to my students about what it means to be a writer in today’s society
  • The cinnamon bread that I will eat warm for breakfast today

I have lots of things to be thankful for and am so grateful for the life that I get to lead. What are you thankful for today?