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How To: Explain the Internet to a 19th Century British Street Urchin

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Today I share with you yet another online gem I found while doing some exploring for next weeks’ blog class. I was the type of kid who loved those choose-your-own-adventure books, and so this is right up my alley. However, this is not so much choose-your-own-adventure as it is choose-your-own-gruesome-death-in-a-filthy-disease-ridden-and-murderer-ridden-19th-century-British-alley. So. How could you not be interested? This little flowchart comes to us from the fine folks at Fast Company. There are lots of other fun little “time-wasters” over on their site, so if you’re bored at work today (Hallelujah, it’s Friday!!) be sure to swing by and check it all out.

As for me, it’s grade prep day, as the trimester ended on Wednesday. I’ll be busy getting final grades inputted; cleaning up my messy, paper-strewn classroom; preparing for next week’s intensive; and assigning students (with the rest of my team) to intensives. Should be a good, but definitely busy day!

(Also. I know that this print is small and a little hard to read…to make it bigger on a Mac, all you have to do is press the command button and the plus-sign button at the same time and it will magnify. To make it smaller again, press command and the minus button. Not completely sure how you do it on a Windows computer…try the same thing, but with the control button!)

Now, I have a quick question for you before you go. What sites do you like to spend time on? What blogs do you like to read? Any answers would be a great help for me and I continue to put my course together today!